Monday, October 31, 2011

The social network

I have only watched this movie for the first time last night and wow, how inspiring.  For those of you who haven’t watched it yet it is about the guy who invented facebook.  This was really the first true life drama which I really enjoyed.  There is so much into the movie.

Although he is really clever I think that is really about having the perfect idea at a perfect time.  It also shows that how difficult it is to keep friendships in business.  It is probably the worst thing you can do.  If you haven't watched it yet I strongly recommend that you do. 

Your smile or compliment can make a huge difference

Smiling does make a big difference.  When last have someone smiled at you?  Can you remember how it felt?  It is amazing what one small smile can do.  Even if you don’t know a person, smile.  A smile really has powers and can a person think more positively. This does not come natural but you will be amazed what it will even do to you by just smiling more.

Another thing is to give compliments.  It won’t hurt you, but you might have a huge impact on someone’s life without even knowing it.  We are all living on this planet.  We all have Mondays.  We all are just trying to survive and create a better life for ourselves.  While we are living we can actually make it worthwhile for someone else.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

We all are guilty of judging people.  This is one of the worst things we can do.  Every person has a story and no one except that person and God knows his full story.  You don’t know what that person have gone through in his life or what he or she is struggling with at the moment.  There are reasons for what we do and how we do it.  Try to see the good in someone.  There are often barriers for example culture, religion or race which makes us judge someone else.  Do not judge someone because he or she is not like you.  You do not have to like the person or be friends with him or her but it will not help anyone by judging him or her.  Everyone can’t be the same.  We need different people in life to make it a bit more interesting.  Try to understand why some persons act the way they do.  Ask yourself is it because the way he or she was brought up, because of gender, language, religion, race, country etc.  There are so many factors influencing us to make us the way we are. 

This blog was aspired by a situation I was in a while ago.  I was on my way from work to class.  It was a Monday.  The Sunday night I worked on assignments until after 02:00AM.  I woke up at 05:30 to go to work.  At 17:00 I was on my way for four hours of classes and I still had to go back to work to finalise stuff before the next day.  A person came up to me begging.  When I did not give him money, he were very cross with me.  I wish I had time to explain my story to him.  Just because I wear nice clothes does not mean I am rich and have lots of money.  I still have a R80 000 loan and working my ass off to get enough money to be able to start paying it off.  You don’t know me; you can’t come and say bad words at me just because I do not give you money. 

And the best thing is that I am really a person who always give anyone money I see who really needs it.  Therefore think twice because you judge someone because you don’t know what the story behind the face and clothes may be.

The last lecture

I really can’t believe we are almost at the last lecture.  I seriously cannot believe how fast this year has gone by.  This also means I need to say goodbye to a lot of people which faces I saw every week.  Some of them even became my friends.  I am just glad that this is a small industry and Cape Town is even smaller so know I will at least bump into some of them once in a while.  It feels like yesterday when I went to the post office to collect my documents which I needed to register and it wasn’t there.  I sat in my car for about an hour and cried my eyes out, thinking that I will not be able to study this year.   Luckily everything has worked out perfectly. 

From an admin job in Stellenbosh, living in Durbanville, studying at CPUT to a fabulous PR job, living in the city and almost at the last lecture.  I cannot believe what this year has brought to me. 

I am so much richer in knowledge and experience.  I want to continuous studying just need to figure out what and where I’m going next year. 

Living my life as a journey and loving every second. 

Watch this space

I just know I am going to achieve big things in life.  What is nice about this is that what makes me happy and are big achievements for me does not necessarily make the next person happy or successful.  Everyone is unique and different which makes life interesting and fun.  Imagine how boring our lives would have been if everyone was the same.

I am an extremely hard working person and full of ambition.  I believe and trust in God and just know there is a big plan with my life.  I have also learned through time that a lot of small things can have an even bigger impact than one big thing.

I am positive.  I love what I do.  Although I don’t exactly know where I am going I know I am going somewhere and have a kind of plan in place although I know that nothing is carved in stone. 

I am learning extremely much this year, from every person I come in contact with at and through my work as well as in class.  I love learning and gaining more knowledge about my industry and people and life in general.

I am exactly where I want to be at this stage in my life and I know I am even going to wow myself in the future.  I have achieved so much so far.  I haven’t dreamed of this life and just know there is much more to come.

Watch this space...

My favourite Cat in the Hat book is?????

This does ring a bell but I serious cannot remember the different books!  My favourite children’s books were the Walt Disney books.  I really loved all the Walt Disney children’s books as well as all the movies. 

My favourite children’s story though is Brakenjan.  Wow it really makes me long back to my children days.  If I look back now everything looked so perfect, although I know I had other issues then.  I remember every Thursday night when I was a little girl my mom had a church thing on and every Thursday was bonding time with my dad.  We always played golf and soccer in our corridor and then we watch a episode of Brakenjan and go to sleep. 

Why I have conversations?

I am in the communications industry, are you really asking me this question?

Firstly I love talking and I love listening and I love people!  Without other people we would be nothing. My life would really be empty without conversations.

There are a variety of reasons why I have conversations. My main reasons for communication are to clarify something, to share an experience, feeling or emotion, to build a relationship or to show interest.

Conversation is also become a major topic in businesses especially in the communications and public relations industry.  Organisations use to communicate from the Top-Down but today more and more organisations is utilising a participatory approach which involve two-way communication.